LiftIntent is the leading data-driven advertising platform for connected TV focused on delivering a more personalized, interactive, ad experience for viewers.

Effectively reach and engage consumers across the most popular channels, TV shows, and streaming devices!

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Add Connected TV to Your Programmatic Strategies

Connected TV Audience Reach

Reach over 195m+ users who have moved over to watching on connected TV. With direct access and priority placements on our premium content partners, LiftIntent provides brands with first-class inventory across the CTV/OTT marketplace.

Unmatched Performance

Achieve completion rates across premium CTV contents in the range of 97% to 99%. All ads are non-skippable during premium episodic content on the top TV networks and devices. Seamlessly attribute online and offline conversions for CTV to help measure the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of each campaign.

Connected Capabilities

The customer purchase funnel has become a journey. Our solution enables advertisers to take advantage of other formats, including native, audio, in-app, mobile, search, video, and display to re-engage their target market across connected TV.

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    Advanced TV/OTT

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Our Amazing Clients

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Want to Learn More?

Our teams of programmatic advertising strategists, traders, analysts and account managers are passionate about understanding your marketing objectives and are here to help your business grow.

80+ million

Leads Generated

$60+ million

Incremental In-Store Sales From Campaigns

95+ million

Households Reached

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