You need to look beyond the cookie if you want to enter the future of digital marketing. IP targeting is a cookie-free way to deliver targeted display ads to the specific consumers you want to reach.

The truth is that IP targeting is a high-tech concept. However, the tools that are available today make it a surprisingly low-tech way to run advertising campaigns.

Let’s take a look at the basics of IP targeting and talk about what you need to know about it as a marketer.

What is IP Targeting?

Who do you want to reach? Smartly targeted display ads can put your message right in the hands of homeowners in Boston, singles in Toledo, retirees in Sarasota, and new parents in Des Moines. IP targeting can boost your marketing initiatives to the point that you can target people in specific neighborhoods or even at particular addresses.

IP targeting is a hyper-focused method of delivering online display ads. This method gives you the ability to define your intended audience accurately and deliver your content to your chosen consumers. There are a few basic things you need to know before you can understand precisely what IP targeting is and how to apply it to your advertising campaign.

The big thing to know is that every Wi-Fi network out there has something called an IP address assigned to it. An IP address is simply a numeric code that gets used when a network is “talking” with the Internet. Think of this as the calling card for each consumer you want to reach. The beauty of IP-based advertising is that you aren’t just targeting a single device.

An IP-based method delivers online display ads to all devices connected to a network. The result is an immersive, comprehensive marketing reach. You are meeting your consumers where they live, work, and play. Many marketers get caught in the trap of trying to chase their targeted audiences around using things like demographics and behavior-based segmentation. IP-based targeting offers a much more refined and one-on-one approach to sharing a message. The result is a tighter campaign and a higher return on investment (ROI).

Here’s How IP Targeting Works

What does IP targeting advertising look like in a real-world application? Let’s dive in and see how this method takes online displays to the next level. It’s essential to first look at the objectives of IP targeting.

Here’s a glance at what you can do with this tactic:

  • Get the eyes of new customers.
  • Get the eyes of previous or current customers.
  • Foster brand awareness.
  • Build, execute, and enhance campaigns using multiple digital and mobile channels. 

Let’s use the simplest real-world scenario possible as we get acquainted with IP targeting. Let’s say a person is opening up a new gym in a neighborhood in Orlando, Florida. That person wouldn’t want to spend tons of money serving up ads that target everyone in the United States. Even targeting all Florida residents or all Orlando residents could result in tons of lost marketing dollars.

IP targeting allows the owner of the gym to target people in specific neighborhoods that are within driving distance of the gym. A person using their laptop to do work before breakfast can see an ad for the gym. That same person can also see that same ad later in the day as they load up their phone with music to get ready for an after-dinner run. The message gets served, seen, and reinforced during the day-to-day routine of the targeted consumer. Here’s a breakdown of what the life cycle of building an IP-targeted campaign might look like:

  • You input the names and addresses of individuals or businesses you’d like to reach. This list can include customers you’ve worked with or people you’d like to turn into customers. 
  • Your list goes through a mapping system that matches IP addresses with physical addresses and other information. 
  • Your ad is served to addresses that matched.

You can use a variety of display ads when building a campaign using IP targeting. The type of ads you can run include rich media, banner ads, videos, and more. It doesn’t matter what type of message you’re sending or the medium you’re choosing to send it through – IP targeting enables you to drive the point home by creating a multi-front delivery plan.

Who Can You Target Using IP Targeting Advertising?

One of the big benefits of IP targeting is that it delivers a zero-waste way to deliver ads. What do I mean by this? You can narrow down your audience enough to ensure that the people who are seeing your ads want to see them, just like the gym owner did in the example above. That’s because you can narrow down your targets to cover specific households or businesses.

The level of precision that is available right now has never existed before in the world of digital marketing. You can target particular homes, neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and commercial zones and deliver personalized, highly relevant ads. You can also use information from your client list or mailing list.

IP Advertising: The B2B Angle

IP-based targeting is amazingly effective when the goal is to target businesses. This comes from the fact that a business will often share a single IP address among most or all of its computers. That means you can market to everyone from the CEO to the receptionist once you learn the IP address of a business. What’s more, you can craft digital ads that convey a custom message that is highly relevant to the goals, needs, and objectives of the business you’re targeting. That means IP targeting is essential if you work in the realm of B2B marketing.

Smashing Limitations With IP Targeting

There was once a time when marketers could only hope and pray that email campaigns would see high open rates and high response rates. However, display advertising driven by IP targeting opens up new possibilities. That’s because this technology makes it possible to display ads to your recipients as they browse websites and online platforms. IP targeting provides a huge visual boost for your brand or message and does wonders for response rates. Why wait for your audience to stumble upon an email when you can engage them before and after they check their inboxes?

Why You Need to Embrace the Elegance and Limitlessness of IP-Based Display Advertising

IP-based marketing works because we live in a connected world. This method offers a nearly unlimited pool of data to work with. Think about it for a minute. Almost every device we use is connected to the Internet. That includes everything from our workout machines and watches to our appliances and toys. All of those devices are ready and waiting to help you narrow down your audience and serve ads that speak to them where they are. Why get caught in a cycle of chasing your targets around when IP-based ads can lead them to you organically and naturally? It’s time to discover IP-based ad serving.

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