Long gone are the days that politicians served broad-based ads on cable TV and hoped for a big turnout on Election Day.

According to the Telaria election impact report, connected TV advertising is the window to undecided GenZennial voters ahead of the upcoming election.

This group of 18 to 29-year-olds make up 20% of the electorate, which means they could have a significant influence on the outcome.

Of these 52 million Americans, 90% of them plan to vote, highlighting the need for a granular, data-driven strategy to shape candidate preferences and party affiliations.

OTT ad budgets grow as Americans cut the cord.

Today, on-demand viewing via subscription services and downloaded apps are the norm for 98 million American households.

What’s more, 98% of those who have cut the cord in favor of over-the-top (OTT) content state that they will never go back to traditional TV.

The shift towards CTVs and OTT devices has paved the way for omnichannel advertising across all industries, specifically the political sector.

In just two years, OTT campaign ads have grown by 200%, while digital video spends make up an astounding 30% of overall budgets.

For the first time in history, politicians will dedicate $1.6 billion of a recording-breaking $10 billion total to the OTT pie in the wake of the upcoming election.

Why politicians need CTV to reach younger voters

Connected TV reaches voters where they’re watching.

  • GenZens spend 15 hours a week streaming TV. 90% of the same age range uses an ad-supported streaming app.

As of 2019, at least three-fourths of U.S. households made the switch to connected TVs. While that’s a massive audience reach, projections for this year only raise that bar.

The average “GenZennial” spends approximately 15 hours a week streaming TV, and more than 90% of the same age range uses an ad-supported streaming app.

Telaria’s report also reveals that GenZens prefer CTV ads over ads on traditional linear TV, which young voters find disruptive.

Additionally, young voters report that digital news sources are significantly more relevant and informative to them than conventional news sources.

Political campaigns that fail to air video ads via CTV in the upcoming political season are missing out on a sizeable chunk of voters.

CTV advertising drives awareness and engagement.

  • 80% of young voters report taking further action to educate themselves after consuming political ads via CTV.

Historically, the older generations are more likely to show up at the polls. But, much like this nation’s TV consumption, voting habits are changing. For the first time in history, younger generations are outpacing the Boomers and the Silent Generation. And guess what? 90% of them plan to vote.

Millennials, GenZennials, and Gen Z grew up in the Internet age. When it comes to being a consumer, they’re savvy, and they want more, better information to help them make their voting decisions. Enticing Millennial and Gen Z voters means not only reaching them but making them feel engaged. Connected TV advertising does just that.

68% of GenZens report that non-skippable ads, full-screen CTV ads are informative, therefore effective in increasing campaign awareness. If your campaign’s strategy includes undecided and first-time voters, it’s worth it to pay close attention to CTV advertising.

CTV ads create trust and build long-term loyalty

  • 64% of GenZens report that they trust the news they see on TV more than what they find on social media.
  • 80% of young voters polled indicate that they feel social media hosts too much fake news.

The 2018 election was a banner year for social media campaigns. Now nearly every politician’s advertising strategy includes social media to some degree. The big question – is it still effective? Young voters say no.

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    GenZens’ trust in Twitter and Facebook is waning, at least as a source of credible political information. The majority of young voters agree that social media platforms don’t care how much fake news they’re hosting.

    Mistrust of that content can reflect poorly on a candidate – something that should give political advisers pause when strategizing. With 64% of GenZens reporting that they trust big screen ads over social media, CTV ads are a critical component in building trust and long-term loyalty.

    GenZennials are undecided

    • A recent study shows one-third of Gen Z is still uncertain about which candidate they’ll vote for.
    • 70% of GenZens prefer ads with video, and 40% will watch ads from political organizations to educate themselves on candidates

    Many young voters are either undecided (regarding candidate and political affiliation) or are first-time voters. This gives political campaigns a nearly unprecedented opportunity to develop long-term party affiliation in a large portion of the population.

    This year, youth voters are primed for this year’s election. 92% say they plan to vote while 70% say they will pay more attention to political ads. If your campaign strategy includes the swing demographic, it’s time to ditch outdated tactics in favor of a data-driven approach..

    Investing in CTV advertising will incentivize younger voters to research and help them make decisions at the ballot box. OTT and CTV advertising is an ideal medium to reach audiences of every age, but especially those valuable young voters who will continue to make up the primary voting force in years to come.

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    As political marketers map out their advertising plans leading up to the election, one thing is clear: Traditional TV advertising is an outdated strategy.

    This year, young voters could have a significant impact on the outcome of all elections. The time to shape candidate preference is now. This is especially important when it comes to first-time or undecided voters.

    If your political campaign needs assistance accessing and capturing the generational vote, LiftIntent can help. We can help you create a connected TV(CTV) advertising campaign with a granular, data-driven strategy designed to reach young voters where it’s the most valuable.

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