How important is law firm marketing to the success of your practice?

Many legal services tend to say that their best clients come from word-of-mouth referrals.

And…they’re right.

However, many of those same practices construe that “their best clients don’t use the Internet to find them.”

That’s where they’re wrong.

Your firm’s best clients may not be searching “Tampa divorce attorney” on Google, but they are using their devices to learn, contact, and hire legal counsel.

The law firms that understand this and are winning micro-moments are thriving.

Those that haven’t allowed their practice’s law firm marketing strategies to evolve with their client’s behaviors struggle to fill their pipeline.

See what our law firm marketing company and law firm advertising agency has accomplished for other law firms. Then, let us know your campaign goals, and we’ll send you our media kit.

The evolution of the client journey

Nearly a decade ago, we changed the law firm marketing rulebook forever.

By “we” I mean all consumers. Your client’s behavior – and the journey each of us takes on the path to our purchasing decisions.

As technology and search engine popularity surged, Google noticed a surprising addition to the consumer journey.

Instead of being solely influenced by an advertisement, consumers sought to build trust with online research and reviews before making a purchase decision.

Google coined this decision-making moment, the Zero Moment of Truth, or ZMOT.

But, the law firm marketing rulebook shifted – again.

Since then, mobile has now become an indispensable part of our daily lives, causing a fundamental shift in the way that people consume media.

The once predictable customer journey is now fractured into a number of instant, intention-full moments.

On-the-fly search queries occur hundreds of times a day during ‘stolen moments,’ i.e., waiting in line, riding in a cab, or even in the middle of another task.

These short bursts of mobile activity (lasting just over a minute) are called “micro-moments” – and they’re a game-changer for law firm marketing.

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    What are micro-moments?


    Source: Think with Google

    Google defines micro-moments as “an intent-rich moment when a person turns to a device to act on a need – to know, go, do, or buy.”

    How did you get here?

    You may have searched “law firm marketing ideas,” “personal injury law firm advertising,” or “guide to advertising law firms.” You may have even used a smartphone or mobile device for your search.

    Guess what? Those are all examples of micro-moments.

    Micro-moments happen billions of times a day across all industries when someone wants to know something, learn something, go somewhere, or buy something.

    How do micro-moments apply to law firm marketing?


    Source: Think with Google

    Consumers researching their services or products before they buy is not exactly Earth-shattering news.

    Yet, surprisingly not a lot of practices center their law firm digital marketing strategy around these highly influential moments.

    40% of lawyers don’t have a website.

    Reports reveal that 40% of lawyers don’t even have a website – which isn’t beneficial to the 76% of consumers who sought legal counsel this year through online sources.

    Of the ones that do, 97% of law firms fail in their law firm marketing strategies.

    Perhaps an even more shocking revelation is that 97% of law firms that do have a website, fail in their law firm marketing strategies. Less surprising, 35% of those law firms have not updated their site in the past three years.

    96% of a law firm’s client base looks for legal advice online.

    While practices enamor over law firm SEO in the form of “best + practice area + lawyer” rankings, they are failing to recognize that 96% of their client base starts looking for legal advice online, before ever looking to hire.

    As if that isn’t groundbreaking reason enough to overhaul your law firm marketing plan, your clients also trend towards law firms that provide media-rich experiences and answers to their questions.

    If you want to win big, cookie-cutter slogans and posed headshots aren’t going to cut it anymore.

    Micro-moment statistics every law firm should know.

    • Only 33% of your clients start looking for a lawyer online, but an astounding 96% of people looking for legal advice start online (hello micro-moments!).
    • Mobile searches grew 222% in the past year, outnumbering the number of desktop searches in the U.S.
    • 82% of Internet traffic will be video-driven next year. The law firms with video on their website already see a 41% increase in potential site visits.
    • Having one video on your profile page increases email inquiries 172%, along with a 138% jump in click-through rates.
    • “Near me” searches have grown over 200% in the last two years, while “best” + “right now” mobile queries increased by over 125%.
    • 66% of smartphone owners look up information they see in an advertisement.
    • Of smartphone owners, 62% are more likely to take immediate action to solve a problem because of their smartphone.

    Game-changing micro-moments for your law firm


    Source: Think with Google

    As we know, micro-moments aren’t limited to “city + practice area + lawyer” searches. Instead, these queries refer to the dozens of moments your client has where they look up things that they want to know, go, do, and buy.

    It is in these intention-full moments that your prospect is fully open to your law firm marketing efforts, influence, and engagement.

    For large and small law firm marketing initiatives, this provides a real opportunity to win clients and compete online.

    Here’s how the client journey might look for your law firm:

    A spouse discovers infidelity in her marriage. She-wants-to-know what a divorce would look like. What rights does she have?

    There are also things that she-wants-to-do. She wonders if she can file for herself and if she needs more evidence.

    She then decides she-wants-to-go to consultation with several law firms in her area.

    Eventually, she-wants-to-hire. But, she wants assistance in deciding how to choose the best law firm for her situation and what payment options she has.

    At some point, she’s going to pick up her smartphone for each one of these micro-moments.

    How your law firm can win the shift to mobile.


    Source: bLoyal

    Where is your cell phone right now? If you are like most people, it’s in your pocket or on your desk next; maybe you’re even reading this article on your smartphone.

    Studies reveal that the average person checks their phone up to 150 times a day – that’s a lot of possible touchpoints along your client journey.

    Because your clients are loyal to answering their needs, that makes micro-moments the new battleground for law firms.

    But, capturing as many of these opportunities as possible isn’t as complicated as it seems. It’s likely, your current law firm marketing strategies may already meet one or some of these needs.

    Google outlines three essential components that are the beating heart of modern-day marketing:

    • Be there
    • Be useful
    • Be quick

    Last but not least…

    • Connect the dots

    But, how exactly does your law firm accomplish this?

    8 Law firm marketing strategies to win micro-moments


    Source: Fahrenheit Marketing

    The local on-demand economy is pressing further into the realm of professional services.

    Convincing consumers to trust your practice for legal counsel now takes time, effort, and a strong law firm digital marketing strategy.

    This is why law firm SEO stresses the importance of communicating value. Your clients don’t just want mobile optimization, site speed, social networking, and relevant content marketing; they expect it. And if you don’t deliver, they won’t hesitate to head somewhere else.

    When thinking through your legal firm marketing plan, keep these law firm marketing ideas and strategies in mind:

    1.    Take the time to optimize – especially mobile.

    They are called micro-moments for a reason, and your clients want a mobile experience that is fast and frictionless. You may only be competing for a minute of your prospect’s time – but showing up gets your law firm in the game to be chosen, not just seen.

    • Create a user-friendly website.
    • Maintain a lightning-fast page speed.
    • Optimize on desktop and mobile.
    • Incorporate a solid law firm SEO strategy.

    2.    Anticipate your client’s touchpoints.

    Consider why your clients search for information when they want to know, go, do, and buy something. What are the most-searched topics for your practice area? Use search insights to find trends and patterns of intent you might not be addressing.

    • What do your prospects want to know?
    • What questions do they ask when they want to do or learn something?
    • How do they decide where they want to go?
    • What do they want to know about your law firm before they hire you?

    3.    Run an audit on your media efforts.

    Does your law firm show up when your client needs you? Or is it your competitors? A professional audit by a law firm marketing company on your media efforts will help you identify how you can meet your prospect’s needs better/more efficiently. A professional audit can help you:

    • Find out where your law firm marketing currently stands.
    • Evaluate your online visibility.
    • Identify missed law firm marketing opportunities.
    • Analyze your competitors’ online efforts.
    • Develop law firm marketing strategies that fill in the gaps.
    • Connect the dots with your law firm advertising and Internet advertising for lawyers.

    4.    Explore various law firm digital marketing formats.

    Micro-moments are…well just that, micro. Give your prospects content, they can easily discover and consume – every time. This may mean branching out from your current media efforts. Just make sure to optimize across all channels with law firm SEO and a clear CTA!

    • Pair blog posts with media-rich content.
    • Focus on readability and content that is easily skimmable.
    • Release consumable law firm marketing video across your channels.
    • Start a social media campaign.
    • Become more discoverable with YouTube videos.

    Want more law firm marketing ideas? Check out 25 Law Firm Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Grow Your Practice.

    5.    Think video.

    If you don’t think video applies to law firms, think again. A law firm with video on their site boosts potential site visits by 41%, click-through rate 138%, and email inquiries by 172%. A law firm marketing video campaign can meet all of your client’s knowing, going, learning, and buying touchpoints in their journey.

    Use your law firm marketing video to:

    • Educate and answer your prospects’ FAQs.
    • Display your expertise in your practice area.
    • Add visual interest to your blogs.
    • Launch social media campaigns.
    • Help your prospects learn more about your specialties.
    • Create a personal connection by introducing yourself and your team.

    6.    Develop a law firm SEO strategy.

    You won’t be able to capture your client’s micro-moments if you aren’t visible when they need answers. Start by targeting keywords in their “know, go, do, and buy” moments. Then create useful content that incorporates those keywords.

    • Hire an SEO consultant and an SEO writer.
    • Pin down law firm keywords with high search volume and low competition.
    • Use these keywords in your content plan.
    • Create a law firm backlinks strategy and get involved in guest posting.
    • But, focus on value first. Your keywords should blend seamlessly into your content.

    Learn more about law firm SEO with our guide – Law Firm SEO: A Lawyer’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization.

    7.    Have info readily available.

    No matter where your prospect started their journey, it’s essential to prepare. Your clients will look for: customer testimonials, case studies, and guides to assist them in making a decision. Stay one step ahead by having this information readily available on your site and answering anticipated questions with an FAQ.

    • Feature testimonials and case studies on your website.
    • Create how-to-guides and tutorials.
    • Anticipate your client’s questions with an FAQ.

    8.    Commit to being there in the moment.

    Marketing for legal firms isn’t a set it and forget it strategy. Work with a law firm marketing company to track your KPIs. Review them frequently and make changes quickly and in real-time to release a steady stream of valuable content.

    • Track, evaluate, adjust, then track again!
    • Add valuable content to your website once or twice a month.
    • Remember, quality over quantity will give you the best results.
    • Be consistent and comprehensive.

    Connecting the dots with law firm advertising

    moblyft - law firm marketing - advertising - ctv - ott social

    Source: DrDDS Innovations

    So, you’ve developed a rock-solid law firm marketing plan, what do you do next?

    Providing prospects with useful content during their micro-moments is the first step; converting them is the next.

    This means providing a seamless experience across all channels, screens, and media types.

    But how?

    The answer is law firm advertising.

    Once someone has shown interest in your law firm, you want to stay top of mind by connecting the dots between their needs and your advertising campaign.

    With programmatic technology, you can ensure that your advertising targets precisely the right people at the right time, every time. And, you can do so in a way that is personal and contextually relevant to the areas that matter most to them.

    Start by identifying your client’s most critical micro-moments. Then, work with a law firm advertising agency to extend this messaging throughout your remarketing and law firm advertising campaigns.

    Contact our law firm advertising agency experts at LiftIntent to learn more about connecting the dots across all channels, media, and devices including:

    Find out more about your attorney advertising options with 10 Law Firm Advertising Ideas You Didn’t Know Existed.

    Anticipate micro-moments with local-mobile marketing


    Source: DrDDS Innovations

    When you want to take your law firm marketing and micro-moments campaign to the next level, consider local mobile marketing.

    With location-based targeting mobile, law firms can anticipate their client’s needs by reaching out at the moment they occur.

    No, it’s not sci-fi, just mobile advertising with Factual location data. Local mobile advertising comes in a lot of forms, but the goal is the same – to target your prospects based on their location via their smartphone.

    Local mobile advertising allows you to be the first point of contact when a situation that may require legal counsel from your law firm occurs.

    Here’s how it works.

    When an individual passes through your digital boundary, reaches an address, or comes within range of your beacon, GPS technology triggers your law firm’s ad, which continues to serve up to 30 days.

    Local mobile marketing comes in a lot of forms. Here’s how it can help you anticipate and win micro-moments with your law firm:

    • Mobile geofencing allows criminal defense attorneys to draw a virtual fence around neighborhoods and other areas that are prone to crime.
    • With addressable geofencing ads, accident attorneys can target anyone who enters the addresses of all local tow yards and machine shops.
    • Or maybe your niche is a specific demographic; geotargeting allows divorce attorneys to target their ideal clients via their smartphones within entire cities.
    • Proximity marketing allows personal injury law firm marketing leaders to target their clients on a granular level. For example, you might place a beacon near the entrance of a hospital ER that triggers your law firm’s message directly to the cell phone of all that come within range.

    Call our law firm advertising agency experts at LiftIntent to learn more about winning micro-moments with local mobile advertising! Our proximity agency experts can answer questions like; geo-fencing cost, proximity mapping tools, geofencing accuracy, and radius targeting.

    Win micro-moments with a law firm marketing company.

    For better or worse, law firm marketing, as you know it is evolving.

    Winning prospective clients is all about capturing their attention during micro-moments.

    These intent-driven and preference shaping moments are where the battle for your clients is won (or lost).

    This is also the point in the consumer journey where many law firms struggle.

    Don’t make this same mistake with your law firm!

    Learn more about our dedicated law firm marketing and law firm advertising agency by viewing our case studies.

    Then, tell us your campaign goals; we’ll send your law firm our media kit!