Marketing experts are always looking for new ways to improve their brand’s advertising strategies. For the majority of brands out there, advertising to a target audience is the key to their marketing success. This tactic allows companies to create advertising strategies that appeal to consumers who are most likely to be interested in their products or services.

Now, thanks to modern technology, marketers can use IP targeting marketing to reach out to customers who have already shown interest in their products.

Most people who work in the marketing industry already know what IP targeting marketing is. But many don’t understand how effective it can be or how to use it to increase their company’s profits.

How effective is IP targeting marketing?

IP targeting matches a consumer’s home address on a mailing list with their home computer’s IP address. Doing so allows the delivery of digital ads directly to a targeted household and creates a robust one-on-one advertising connection. But many professionals are skeptical and wonder if IP targeting marketing works as well as people claim.

Overall, IP targeting works perfectly, depending on the way you use it. Some advertisers may see extremely positive results, while others may not have the same amount of luck. It’s important to remember that IP targeting is simply a tool. The results you get from using it will depend on your knowledge of how the technology works.

The advantages of using IP Targeting for your business 

There are several benefits associated with using IP Targeting advertising for your business. Here are just a few of the reasons why we think you should consider this innovative form of advertising. 

You already have all the information you need to get started 

To get started with IP Targeting Marketing, you need to have the residential address of the households you wish to target. In most cases, you already have that information on file, especially if your customers order products online. 

Begin with your current customer database. This form of digital marketing uses verified and targeted home addresses to find the IP address for each consumer’s household. It helps save your company lots of time with your marketing efforts. That’s because you have completed most of the early work. As long as you have your customer’s address, you are ready to get started with IP targeting marketing. 

Pinpoint exactly which customers you want to target 

With IP targeting advertising, you don’t get a ballpark range when it comes to identifying the IP address of your customers. Instead, you get the exact IP address of the household you want to target. This accuracy helps to ensure that your marketing efforts are going where they need to be. There’s no guesswork involved, and you can be fully assured that the right customers are receiving the right ads from you. 

Combine the benefits of digital and print advertising

With IP targeting marketing, you are adding even more potential to your marketing strategies by using both digital and print ads. Doing so can help you double your profits because you attract your target audience using two channels instead of just one.

Businesses can draw in new customers by using direct mail services along with a series of eye-catching online ads. It will assist with keeping your business at top-of-mind with your audience. Your customers may purchase a product or service from you first because they see your ads so often. 

Keep track of real sales numbers 

With many other forms of advertising, it can be challenging to see the impact, especially right away. With IP targeting marketing, getting proof is much simpler. You no longer have to deal with the complexity of click-through rate metrics (CTR). There are too many things that work against knowing how successful your advertising campaign is by only using CTR.

When you use IP targeting marketing, it’s easier to track customer conversion. Therefore, you can be confident as you calculate your real sales numbers. This ability allows you to have a solid knowledge of your ROI. That can be useful when you need to know if you should change your campaign or leave it as it is. 

It’s a simple and flexible advertising method 

Successful marketing tactics in the past would come along with numerous tactics and confusing jargon that you had to learn before you even started putting the strategy together. IP targeting marketing is a simple process where you pinpoint the exact customers you want to see your advertisements.

Once you begin, you can sit back and watch everything unfold. You can use IP targeting for short term ad projects as well as with longer advertising campaigns that span over several months at a time. And the flexibility of this tactic allows you to customize your IP targeting to meet the needs of your brand.

The disadvantages of using IP Targeting Marketing 

IP Targeting Marketing can be one of the most effective marketing tactics for marketers. But there are a few problems with IP targeting that those in the industry have mentioned, and they should be addressed. 

Every home or business with a Wi-Fi connection has an IP address assigned to it. These numbers have nothing in common with any specific geographic location. Plus, there’s also VPN software to consider. This software allows Internet users to change their IP address. It causes the user to appear like they are in a different city or country and blocks most of their online usage.

Here at LiftIntent we can help resolve this issue by adding geographical targeting to your strategy. Doing so can improve the accuracy of your IP marketing efforts, which is one of the main problems people have with this form of advertising. 

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    When you are attempting to use IP targeting marketing for your business, you want to make sure you are reaching out to the right audience. If you are new to this marketing concept, it can be challenging to be sure you are reaching out to the right household. And that means all of your efforts have gone to waste. Remember that IP targeting can be beneficial, but only if you use it correctly. 

    Helpful tips for getting started with IP Targeting Marketing 

    At LiftIntent, we are here to help you make the most of your IP targeting efforts. Here are some useful tips that can help any brand get started with this powerful form of marketing.

    Create a list 

    Create a contact list that contains current mailing addresses for your clients or customers. The list is what will be used to pinpoint their exact area and their residential IP address. The IP targeting marketing company you hire will handle matching the IP address with your customer’s physical location. But they are unable to do so without your list of details. 

    Update your banner ad 

    A banner ad can be one of the essential parts of an advertising campaign. It is typically the first thing your customers will see when they log onto your website or visit your social media page. Creating a banner that is eye-catching and designed to draw in more customers will help keep your target audience interested in your product or service.

    Add new content to our website’s landing page 

    Your website’s landing page is where your customers are redirected to once they click on your digital ad. The page needs to have enough compelling content to keep them around so they will browse your website and buy your product. Keeping your landing page up to date with the latest information about your company and using SEO tactics such as adding keyword phrases will help make your IP targeting efforts a success.

    Create a clear conversion path 

    The central aspect you should pay close attention to across your display ads and your landing page is your conversion path optimization. Your target audience should have a smooth and straightforward path from one point to another to ensure sales. Your conversion path shouldn’t be filled with pop up ads and other annoyances that will cause them to turn away. Instead, this path should be a clear call to action.

    Research your target audience to create the best outcome 

    Take the time to learn as much as you can about your target audience. This is important in all areas of marketing. Interact with them on your social media pages and find out more about their interests and other aspects aside from why they are interested in your brand. It is just another way to guarantee that your household IP targeting efforts will lead to success.

    3 ways to make your IP Targeting Marketing efforts more effective 

    When used correctly, IP targeting can be highly effective. That’s because the advertiser has the option to be specific about who they are targeting and what type of message they want to send. Many advertisers have noticed a much higher response rate with this form of marketing.

    For years advertisers have spent millions of dollars while attempting to sell their product to thousands of people, only to have just a handful of genuinely interested people. With IP targeting, the ad goes directly to a consumer who is already engaged in the product. And the process is also surprisingly more affordable.

    IP targeting marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies available. Therefore, it’s a good idea for everyone in the marketing industry to learn more about this tactic and how it works.

    1. Understand the importance of updated data 

    With IP targeting, your ads are only as good as the audience you reach. When dealing with residential or even business IP marketing, it’s essential to be sure you are targeting the right household or business group. IP addresses can frequently change, from every few months to every few weeks.

    It is all controlled by their Internet service provider. If the information you are using is suddenly out of date, it’s impossible to know who is receiving your ads. That’s why making sure your advertising data is vital to this process. 

    2. The quality of your ad can mean the difference between success and failure 

    If you want a successful ad campaign, the content needs to be of the highest quality. The ad needs to feature eye-catching details that cause it to stand out from all the rest. There needs to be a clear call to action that will engage your targeted audience. Doing so will cause them to want to learn more about your product or service. Top-notch graphic design can also be crucial to how well your ad performs. The bottom line is if your ad doesn’t convey quality to your customers, they are less likely to engage. 

    3. Seek out the advice of an IP Targeting Company 

    If IP Targeting Marketing is a new concept to you, it may be best to leave your new ad campaign to the experts. You will get the best results from your IP marketing campaign when you seek out assistance from one of the many IP targeting companies out there.

    Ad professionals like those who work for us here at LiftIntent can use geographic and demographic tools to find the correct data for your ads. They will carefully plan out your campaign to ensure your target audience can relate and, hopefully, engage with it. 

    Final thoughts

    At LiftIntent, we understand the challenges marketing teams face with pinpointing their target audience. Our team is available to help you learn more about how IP targeting marketing works. We will show you how to improve your accuracy so you will always reach your intended customer.

    Are you interested in learning more about our IP targeting marketing services? Get in touch with the LiftIntent team today and help your brand get started on the right track to successful marketing and improved profits.