The CBD industry is worth billions. And there’s tons of potential to tap into this quickly-expanding market.

However, many companies have already established — or are furiously working to establish — themselves as authoritative players in the cannabidiol SEO game.

So the question is:

How can upcoming CBD websites compete?

One tactic that works, and has worked for us for years, is guest posting.

There is an excellent argument for CBD guest posting being the best way to build authority to websites within the niche manually.

While many sites try and fail at this tactic, we’ve broken down exactly how you can stand out and succeed.

And if this comprehensive guide isn’t enough for you, feel free to contact us today to get the help you need.

  • What is a guest post, and how is it relevant to CBD SEO?
  • Benefits of guest posting for CBD websites
    • Gaining CBD backlinks with guest posts
  • The best CBD sites to propose guest posts
    • Target high-authority sites for CBD guest posts
    • Prioritize relevancy with where you guest post.
    • Avoid malicious backlinks from poor-quality websites.
  • Submitting a CBD guest post proposal
    • Find problems on your target site owner’s website.
    • Following-up after your first response
    • How to make the right pitch for your CBD guest post
  • Writing the best CBD guest post
  • Send over your CBD guest post for approval.
  • Need help getting guest posts for your CBD brand?

What is a guest post, and how is it relevant to CBD SEO?

SEO guest posting is when one website owner creates content to be published by another website for authoritative gain.

While credit is usually given to the original author of an article, the featured post belongs to the publisher after being given the content.

You can think of guest posting as giving content to an external website.

Guest posts are almost always in the form of written informational articles. And this is great news for the search engine CBD market.

Moblyft - How to Secure CBD Guest Posts from Authoritative Sites for SEO - Ahref CBD - CTV - OTT PROXIMITY - GEOFENCING

Outside of product pages, people are consuming informative CBD content like wildfire.

Almost every authoritative CBD website has some sort of blog or articles targeting informative keywords — odds are, you do or too. Or, at least that’s what you should be doing.

Sites that refuse to inform users about the chemical compound and surrounding products simply won’t be established as well as those that do.

Google algorithms will reward companies that provide user value within the market. In the instance of CBD, informative content is the value demand.

The keyword “CBD” gets hundreds of thousands of searches every month. However, what do we see when we search this phrase?

    Hey you've made it this far... Seems like you're enjoying the content. Let us help you achieve your goals.

    Moblyft - How to Secure CBD Guest Posts from Authoritative Sites for SEO - cbd search - CTV - OTT PROXIMITY - GEOFENCING

    Informative articles fill the top results. And these top results are a reflection of the user intent for the keyword “CBD.” Searching the main subject keyword of many industries delivers product pages belonging to the highest authority brands in the market.

    CBD content, however, is booming with a need for educational value. This growing demand for informative content in a market can be leveraged for guest posts. In this instance, high-value guest posts are the product that’s going to sell the best.

    Imagine guest posting as a cross-marketing product, one company provides value to another, and exposure is delivered back.

    Benefits of guest posting for CBD websites

    The first benefit of guest posting is the immediate exposure that it brings.

    Often, guest posts will credit back to the author, and this is also called a byline.

    Asking to be named in the article as the guest writer is always a bonus. However, the added backlink will be a massive benefit within itself.

    Don’t stress a byline if you’re getting a link from a high authority site, but getting one is very helpful for exposure and will do wonders for your company.

    Just being mentioned on a popular blog post will deliver traffic to your site from users curious about you or the link that you’ve placed.

    Even a small boost in referral traffic will increase your authority, but backlinks are an even more significant algorithmic benefit.

    If you’re a website owner, especially one with a blog, you’re probably wondering:

    If informative CBD content is in such high demand, why aren’t my articles ranking for keywords?

    There are many aspects to ranking in Google, but assuming you’re doing everything to create the best SEO friendly content, you’re probably missing one key factor — website authority.

    As a smaller site, competing with high-authority websites for massive keywords is frustrating and can feel helpless.

    You can be blowing the competition out of the water with the value provided in your content. Yet these companies have developed such walls of authority sometimes they’re nearly impossible to breach.

    Moblyft - How to Secure CBD Guest Posts from Authoritative Sites for SEO - Ahref Rank - CTV - OTT PROXIMITY - GEOFENCING

    Any powerhouse website has developed a portfolio of backlinks. And this shows Google that they’re the authoritative voice in the room.

    While established sites gain backlinks organically through the momentum of their rankings, smaller sites need a more manual approach.

    Some companies prefer to buy backlinks, but guest posting is a more cost-effective, hands-on approach that yields massive authority if done correctly.

    Gaining CBD backlinks with guest posts

    Authoritative websites won’t pay you to publish content on their website.

    However, even though you aren’t receiving money for your content, the biggest winner in a guest post exchange will be you.

    An organic backlink from an authoritative website will act as a “voucher” for Google. High-authority backlinks will legitimize your site in the eyes of the Google search engine AI. And when Google likes you, you’ll get a boost to your page rankings.

    And you know the formula:

    More page rankings mean more exposure and traffic, which means more leads and money for your business.

    Sounds awesome, right?

    A great CBD backlink is worth hundreds to thousands of dollars to companies, so you getting one is a steal.

    Before jumping right into outreach, it’s essential to know what exactly makes a “good” source of backlinks in the CBD niche.

    The best CBD sites to propose guest posts

    Backlinks aren’t created equally, and weeding out the good from the bad is imperative to guest post outreach to CBD blogs.

    Why just blogs?

    Websites that don’t already post informative content for their users will rarely make an exception for a single guest post.

    Most sites in the CBD niche without blog sections are just product sites anyway. And backlinks from informative sources are much more valuable than product brands.

    Luckily, almost every website in the CBD industry has a blog, so this isn’t a huge eliminating factor.

    This is my checklist for the best websites to send guest post proposals:

    • High (but realistic) authority + search traffic
    • Relevant to CBD
    • Google-friendly

    Never waste time sending proposals to websites that don’t meet these criteria. There are plenty of domains within the CBD niche that’ll be worthwhile instead.

    You should aim to compile a list of at least 100 sites that pass our test. Out of those hundred, you’re bound to get a few guest post opportunities.

    Set a goal to list 100 websites that meet these requirements before sending out your email outreach.

    Target high-authority sites for CBD guest posts

    The most valuable component of a link lies in the authority of the source.

    Google gives authority to websites according to traffic, and the depth of its backlink portfolio.

    A link from a website without a backlink portfolio of their own is virtually useless.

    However, you also want to stay in your respective lane. While it’s not impossible to get links from massive sites, your best luck will be in getting a few links from medium-sized ones.

    Moblyft - How to Secure CBD Guest Posts from Authoritative Sites for SEO - Ahref Rank DOMAIN- CTV - OTT PROXIMITY - GEOFENCING

    Your success rate with websites like these will be higher and still be very beneficial to the authority of your site.

    While high authority websites will generally hold the most backlinking weight, your ideal guest post site also has to be relevant.

    Prioritize relevancy with where you guest post.

    Considering you’re looking for more user traffic back to your site, targeting websites within the CBD niche might seem like a given. Even so, there’s also an algorithmic benefit in targeting relevant websites.

    Google measures backlinks intelligently. This means a mention from relevant sites will establish more significant SEO boosts than an irrelevant site with equal authority.

    Google recognizes the source of your backlinks. A link from a carpentry blog won’t yield the same authority as one coming from an article about CBD.

    Plus, it’s much easier to produce content in an industry where you’re already a professional.

    Avoid malicious backlinks from poor-quality websites.

    Many websites seem authoritative, but peeking behind the scenes can reveal malicious activity like spammed backlinks.

    Moblyft - How to Secure CBD Guest Posts from Authoritative Sites for SEO - Ahref RANKING - CTV - OTT PROXIMITY - GEOFENCING

    With Ahrefs, we can see the backlink portfolio of our potential target website. Every referring domain is shown in order of the number of sent links.

    Spam links show themselves when a website has received hundreds of backlinks from a low authority site. These spam sites often have domain names that don’t make sense like “” or something similar.

    Many high authority blog owners aren’t aware of the spam links sent to their site, but a website with 10+ domains spamming with inbound links isn’t worth the risk.

    However, malicious link activity could actually work in your favor later. Informing people about damaging links is excellent in building a relationship with them. More on this later.

    Now that you know how to look for a good website, it’s time to compile a list of domains fitting the checklist.

    Your ideal backlinks will come from companies that are getting blown up with 150 emails every month. Almost every upcoming CBD website is reaching out with guest post proposals, so you’ll have to set yourself apart.

    Submitting a CBD guest post proposal

    Cold email outreach is cold for a reason.

    You’re messaging a website owner out of the blue, and trying to convince them that your message is worth their time.

    This isn’t easy, especially considering your email will sit in their inbox next to many others in your position.

    So, what will set you apart?

    The best tactic is to do a website owner a favor before even mentioning a guest post.

    We’re all humans so level with them about a problem that you’ve encountered on their website as a friend would. Skip the “Mr. or Ms. Last Name” stuff; be respectful, but forward and casual.

    Moblyft - How to Secure CBD Guest Posts from Authoritative Sites for SEO - EMAIL - CTV - OTT PROXIMITY - GEOFENCING

    Leading with a compliment is a great start. People appreciate it when you take a second to acknowledge their work, but keep it genuine.

    “I liked your article about CBD for dogs” is not an example of acknowledging someone’s work. If you can find a detail in a blog post that you relate to, talk about that in 1 – 3 sentences.

    Find problems on your target site owner’s website.

    Anything that could improve their website with a quick fix also makes a great addition to your first email. Anything to pique interest helps, and people love increasing their traffic.

    Let the website owner know that you encountered a problem with their post, but don’t name the issue until they’ve responded.

    If you give someone a fix to their problem immediately, that person has no benefit to respond other than just to chat. And as you already know, busy people don’t have time to chat.

    Plus, you should be sending similar emails to at least 100 site owners from your list. Creating a unique first line already takes a couple of minutes, so there’s no need even to find the problem until you’ve gotten a response.

    Here are some super easy, common problems that too many websites have:

    • Slow page speed
    • Malicious inbound backlinks
    • 404 error pages
    • Failing to utilize internal or external links
    • Typos or grammatical errors

    Finding a problem with each website before getting a response back will take hours of extra time.

    Keep your outreach short, sweet, and leave room for improvisation in your follow-up.

    Following-up after your first response

    The right CBD outreach should bring back at least 5 to 20 responses out of 100 thanking you for your input and asking about the problem that you’ve found.

    Diagnose a problem that could genuinely improve their website performance.

    Here are some helpful tools for identifying easy, but significant issues:

    PageSpeed Insights analyzes slowly loading posts, Grammarly brings typos to light, and Ahrefs can diagnose 404 errors and malicious inbound links.

    Then, once you have an issue:

    Record a Loom video addressing the problems that you’ve found within their site, and send it over.

    Most site owners will respond with appreciation and will often be willing to help you out in exchange.

    How to make the right pitch for your CBD guest post

    After helping out your new friend, mention that you have a blog of your own, and send over a few content ideas.

    Moblyft - How to Secure CBD Guest Posts from Authoritative Sites for SEO - EMAIL CBD POST - CTV - OTT PROXIMITY - GEOFENCING

    Your content pitch should consist of 2 or 3 article proposals that would make sense for them to post. And it also has to be relevant to the aim of your site and theirs.

    Remember to be transparent with your intentions of including a backlink to your site. Failing to mention your link could lead to an awkward problem later.

    If the website owner doesn’t want to link to you, it’s best to find that out before you’ve created an article for them.

    Don’t demand anything, and keep in mind that they might pass on your offer — it happens, just keep finding other leads.

    The highest chances of securing a guest post will come from being clear, helpful, and easy to work with.

    Writing the best CBD guest post

    Once you’ve gotten the go-ahead, create the most impressive article that you can.

    You’re now in a position that many people pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to be in, and this backlink could kick your Google rankings to the next level.

    Whether you’re writing the post yourself or outsourcing the content to a writer, make sure it’s jam-packed full of value for the users of that site.

    Although it can be hard to see past your benefit of the post, try to prioritize the target audience more than anything.

    If you need a quick tutorial, we have a guide explaining exactly how to create valuable SEO-friendly content for blogs. Following the right steps for a blog post will blow them and their users away — in a good way.

    Remember to include links, not only to your site but also to pages within the publisher’s (internal linking) and other useful sources of information online (external linking). Just be sure to incorporate your links organically!

    Send over your CBD guest post for approval.

    Once you’ve made a value-packed guest post, send it over while offering to revise anything that doesn’t seem right to them.

    If the site owner does request revisions, happily oblige and resend until they’re satisfied.

    Remember, don’t be afraid to ask for your byline — it’ll pay off big time in the future.

    Need help getting guest posts for your CBD brand?

    When it comes to an industry as competitive to the exploding CBD niche, link building can get tough.

    And the outreach process that goes along with it can get extensive.

    So, that’s why sometimes it’s best to hire a professional team to handle the outreach process while you focus on your business.

    Are you ready to build links with guest posting? Contact us today to take your business to the next level. Request our media kit and review our case studies today.