As a plastic surgeon, there’s always a need for more leads.

And a consistent flow of new patients is what will keep your practice afloat, but even the best of the best can’t rely on word of mouth alone.

If you want to thrive as a plastic surgeon, you need to give your marketing a bit of an extra push.

Most of us could agree on that much, but when it comes to actually getting more leads?

That’s when things get a bit more complex.

Here’s what we’re going to cover in this guide on how to acquire more plastic surgery leads:

  • How Google can help you generate more plastic surgery leads
  • SEO: A viable tactic for plastic surgeons?
  • 5 Plastic surgeon SEO tips to start getting more leads:
    • Content on your website is key.
    • Keep the content consistent.
    • Go after local rankings for SEO.
    • Optimize your website for mobile.
    • Get professional help for quicker results — with less work.
  • Getting started with SEO to get more plastic surgery leads

How Google can help you generate more plastic surgery leads

Most plastic surgeons wouldn’t mind an influx of new leads. More leads mean more business, so what’s not to love?

In the past, if you wanted more leads, you’d probably have to invest in a relatively expensive traditional marketing campaign, but times have changed.

Now, it doesn’t cost very much at all to get your name out there.

At least, not with the right SEO strategy in place.

SEO: A viable tactic for plastic surgeons?

First, let’s get the uninitiated up to speed before we move on.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is just a complicated way to explain getting your website to the top of the Google search results.

If you want your website to appear at the top of any given search query, you’ll need to implement SEO in some capacity.

But why is getting to the top so important, anyway?

To name a few (of many) reasons that SEO is a near-must for plastic surgeons:

  • 76% of local searches result in a phone call.
  • 78% of local mobile searches end in a purchase.

So far, sounds great, right? Well, we also have some bad news too.

Only 25% of people will ever go past the first page on Google. 

This means that if you’re on the second page or behind, you’re missing out on the vast majority of potential patients.

    Hey you've made it this far... Seems like you're enjoying the content. Let us help you achieve your goals.

    And this is exactly the reason why SEO is so vital for generating more leads. People are already searching for plastic surgeons regularly, but the people who benefit from all these searches are the ones that get placed near the top.

    5 Plastic surgeon SEO tips to start getting more leads:

    Today, we’re not going to go through a definitive guide to plastic surgeon SEO. Instead, we think it’d be useful to go over some quick tips to help you get on the right track quickly.

    Improving your SEO strategy over time is essential, but it’s better to get started than to get stuck in the planning phase.

    So here are 5 quick tips on how you can improve your website’s rank and start getting more leads:

    1.   Content on your website is key.

    The importance of content can’t be overstated in SEO.

    Without content, no SEO strategy is going to get very far; that’s just the nature of it. But improving your rank isn’t all content does.

    A whopping 63% of people who ask for info about your business won’t make a purchase for at least three months.

    This means that you’ll need a way to keep website visitors coming back until they’re ready to make a decision. And content is the perfect way to do just that.

    Content gives your audience a reason to hang around, to come back, and builds the essential trust you need to turn a lead into a patient.

    All the while improving your website’s authority and rank on Google. All in all, there’s no reason not to be putting out content on your website.

    2.   Keep the content consistent.

    The second thing to note about SEO is that it’s not about one massive change to instantly improve your rank.

    SEO takes time, patience, and loads of small actions over the course of your strategy. One massive blog post a month isn’t going to do nearly as much as a medium or shorter blog post every day or week.

    That’s not to say big changes don’t have a place, but more than anything, SEO requires consistency, particularly when it comes to updating your website with new content.

    3.   Go after local rankings for SEO.

    As a plastic surgeon, the odds are that the vast majority of your business comes from local areas.

    In fact, 89% of people search for at least one local business a week.

    Local searches present another excellent opportunity for you, as local SEO is one of the best marketing approaches out there. When designing your SEO strategy, make sure you’re targeting local keywords just as much as the big ones.

    You may not have as much volume from keywords like these, but the traffic you’ll get will be much more likely to convert once they’re on the site.

    After all, what good does traffic do if the visitors are from all the way across the country?

    4.   Optimize your website for mobile.

    Here’s where many plastic surgeons trip up when it comes to their websites.

    We all know that people are on their phones all the time, but did you realize that 61% of all online traffic on Google comes from mobile sources?

    Mobile usage since 2013 on the most popular search engines.

    Google’s not oblivious to this by any means, either.

    Back in the day, Google had a desktop-first approach when it came to websites and search engine ranks. Once they noticed the upward trend of mobile traffic, they switched it up to mobile-first instead.

    As a result, any websites that didn’t adapt and make themselves mobile-friendly ended up losing their top spots.

    Now, it’s pretty much impossible to get a website anywhere significant on Google if it isn’t well optimized for mobile.

    Want to know if your site is well optimized? Google has a handy free tool to help you check.

    5.   Get professional help for quicker results — with less work.

    SEO is far from impossible to do yourself if you’ve got the time to invest.

    That’s right. It takes time, and it takes work to put out consistent content, but there’s a reason that content marketing is becoming so prevalent.

    Companies big and small realize the power that search engines have, and everyone’s vying for a piece of the search engine pie.

    To compete in the highly-competitive world of SEO, it takes time, and for many surgeons, that’s time that doesn’t exist.

    It’s a busy profession, and understandably, many people don’t have the time or energy to do their own content marketing.

    But there’s another way to see the results of SEO without having to sink much of your time into it:

    Getting help to execute an SEO campaign.

    There are companies out there that can help you with your SEO. They can take the reigns, effectively putting your content marketing on autopilot for you.

    And it just so happens that at LiftIntent, that’s our specialty.

    Less work isn’t the only benefit to outsourcing to experts either. Since it’s what we do, you can avoid lots of the common pitfalls and see quicker results than you would if you were learning it on your own,

    Getting started with SEO to get more plastic surgery leads

    If you’re not already on the content marketing bandwagon, now is a better time than ever to start.

    Whether you want to go it alone or have experts like us to come aboard and help, it’s time to get out there and start putting these tips to use!

    Want us to help you generate more leads through organic traffic? Contact us today to get started! Don’t forget to request our media kit and review our case studies.