Do you need help with your CBD marketing and advertising? If so, we can help. Keep reading for ten unique ways to promote your CBD business into a success. 

CBD isn’t just one of the hottest consumer trends of 2019. It’s one of the fastest-growing industries in the market right now. As stats continue to surpass industry projections, it comes as no surprise that entrepreneurs everywhere are looking at ways to get in on the action. And with more than 60% of CBD sales taking place online, CBD marketing has become more critical than ever. 

CBD Marketing: Market opportunity 

The demand for CBD is increasing at a rapid rate. Market analysts are having a difficult time pinning down just how successful the industry will be. In the past year alone, forecasts have risen from 2.2 million by 2026, 20 billion by 2024, and, most recently, 23.7 billion in 2023. However, one thing is for sure – things look good in the CBD business. 

While the government works to smooth down laws surrounding the benefits and legalization of CBD; promotion on major advertising channels has proven to be complicated. Advertising CBD on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and even Snapchat all have strict policies regarding their paid advertisements. Navigating varying rules and regulations can be difficult. To differentiate themselves, brands have become experts at solid CBD marketing. 

CBD Marketing: Set your brand apart 

It’s a given that great CBD marketing begins with valuable organic content, rock-solid SEO strategies, interactive websites, and beautiful branding. However, CBD advertising through paid acquisition is near impossible, and mainstream channels are becoming increasingly saturated. This leaves business owners in a thriving industry wondering – how can I promote my CBD brand?

One option to launch your startup into CBD online advertising is to partner with a CBD advertising agency. A professional CBD advertising agency isn’t just another marketing firm. They have the experience to navigate the specific challenges surrounding CBD advertising. Whether you partner with a professional or decide to tackle CBD online advertising on your own, we’re here to help. Forgo limitations on major advertising platforms with these ten must-try CBD advertising tips.

Here are ten of the most effective CBD marketing tips to launch your brand into a success.

Influencer marketing

It may seem like influencer marketing is a millennial trademark, but its roots run centuries deep. As far back as the 1700s, Robert Wedgewood of Wedgewood China used endorsements from the Royal Family to boost his pottery sales.

The idea behind influencers in today’s digital age is the same. Products are recommended to audiences by a person they know or trust. CBD advertising with influencer marketing means more visibility and more opportunities for conversions.

The power of online influencers

Incorporating influencer marketing in your CBD oil advertising helps build your brand’s credibility through personal, public reviews. Further, influencer marketing enables you to maintain a stream of fresh content, improve your SEO ranking, and generate sales. And I’ll let you in a little secret – your competitors are already using them. 

Still not convinced? Check out these statistics on the power of using influencers in your CBD marketing plan.

  • 74% of people use social media for guidance in purchasing decisions. 
  • 86% of consumers look to social media for buying tips. 
  • 70% of millennial men (currently aged 23 to 38) trust new sites, blogs, and social media to make purchasing decisions. 
  • 55% of millennial moms (age 23 to 38) say that others frequently ask for their opinions. 
  • 53% of women make purchases based on information offered in influencer posts. 
  • 49% of consumers rely on influencers for recommendations. 
  • 40% of consumers have purchased something they saw on Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter
  • 62 percent of Millennials are loyal to brands that engage with them on social networks.

How does influencer marketing work?

Influencer marketing taps into niche trendsetter communities. By leveraging the trust influencers have built with their followers, brands can promote their product in a highly organic and personal way.

Online personalities with a strong following appear everywhere from written blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook Livestreams, Instagram posts, and even features in major publications.

In some cases, an influencer with a smaller niche audience related to your industry can benefit your brand more than a general audience influencer with a broader reach. These details will come down to the type of product you offer and the demographics of your CBD product consumers.

Affiliate marketing  

The once underground market that is the cannabis industry has surpassed all odds and become a multi-billion industry. But marijuana and CBD growth didn’t happen all on its own. The industry’s success is due to the support of thousands of people who campaigned for its availability to the general public. Affiliate marketers join advocates of the industry to bring awareness to quality CBD products.

Why affiliate marketing works

Affiliate compensation is entirely performance-based. This model means affiliates have a high incentivize to generate quality traffic with relatively low-risk to your brand (and minimal costs). Other than lucrative returns, a CBD marketing affiliate program offers a vast outreach and personal interaction from a relevant audience. Plus, affiliate partners often present the highest customer lifetime value (CLV) potential. 

Here are just some of the reasons affiliate marketing is an excellent tool to add to your CBD advertising plan. 

  • Affiliate marketing is a global industry that was worth over $12 billion in 2017. (IAB)
  • Affiliate marketing contributes to 15% of total digital media advertising revenue. (Business Insider)
  • Affiliate marketing programs generate 15 to 30 percent of sales for advertisers. (Authority Hacker)
  • More than 50% of all affiliate traffic comes from a mobile device. (Awin)
  • Affiliate marketing spending increases by 10.1% every year and is expected to reach $6.8 billion by 2020. 
  • 84% of brands have already adopted this revenue-generating tactic. 
  • In 2017, users clicked on affiliate marketing links more than 5 billion times and carried out over 170 million transactions. (IAB)
  • Organic visitors are 5.66 times more likely to convert compared to paid traffic. (MOZ)
  • When done right, ad blockers don’t affect affiliate marketing campaigns. 

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing creates a win-win framework for both brands and affiliates. When established properly, it can make up a significant portion of your CBD oil advertising revenue. Here’s how it works:

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    1. Brands partner with affiliate marketers or an affiliate marketing program. 
    2. The affiliate partner promotes your CBD products and brand to their site. 
    3. When the consumer clicks on your CBD product or promotion on the affiliate site, it stores a cookie on their computer.  
    4. The consumer then redirects to your CBD website and purchases a product. 
    5. Upon sale completion, the SaaS platform or network then automatically issues a commission to the affiliate for driving the sale. The amount of commission earned depends on rules agreed to/set by the brand beforehand. 

    Native advertising

    Native advertising meets your users where it means the most, in the way that means the most to them. Unlike traditional advertising, native marketing is non-disruptive and doesn’t look like an ad. Instead, its placement is designed to look like relevant content apart of the natural flow of the page/feed.

    Why native advertising is effective 

    The reason native advertising has proven to be so effective is that it is generally received better by its target audience. Because it doesn’t “feel” like an advertisement, people are more inclined to view and consume the content. Learn how native advertising work?

    • In Feed Ads: Ads that appear on your social media news feeds (like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
    • Content Recommendations: Recommended articles and web pages that appear before, during, or below the article you just read. 
    • Search and Promoted Listing: Ad listings that appear on the top of your Google search results or sidebar. 

    Native advertising policies

    Although effective, native advertising isn’t straightforward for CBD business. CBD business owners and marketing managers will have to follow the advertising guidelines of the platform they choose for their marketing. Retailers of ingestible hemp and CBD may need to get creative with their advertising content to gain approval.

    Working with a CBD advertising agency can help you navigate evolving rules and regulations to help you gain approval and success with your CBD ads.

    Programmatic Advertising

    It is one thing to expose your audience to your brand with native ads. It is quite another to serve targeted native ads to specific consumer demographics at scale in real-time. If you are serious about taking your CBD marketing to the next level, consider programmatic CBD advertising

    What is programmatic advertising?

    Programmatic advertising is an automation tool that enables CBD brands and businesses to optimize their CBD advertising ROI. Programmatic auctions accomplish this optimization through real-time bidding (RTB). 

    By purchasing digital advertising automatically, the system decides when and which ads to post as well as how much. Once programmatic marketing is set up, it can save you time and money spent on testing and updating your CBD advertising strategy with guaranteed results. 

    How does programmatic advertising work?

    To segment audiences, intelligent targeting tactics are used. Intelligent segmentation means that business owners only pay for ads for the right people at the right time. Programmatic advertising algorithms purchase, optimize, and place ads in a way that best benefits your goals. 

    Here’s how it works:

    Let’s use programmatic native advertising as an example.

    1. Create native ads from metadata elements (headline, thumbnail image, description text, content URL, etc.). 
    2. A user visits a website that creates space for an ad impression. 
    3. The supply side then bids a request on behalf of the publisher. 
    4. The demand side responds with a bid and metadata metrics on behalf of the advertiser. 
    5. Based on the metadata, the supply side then selects the winning bid. Your ad will then display to the user in real-time. 
    6. Because your ads target specific users and your impression is guaranteed, you increase your chance of engagement and enjoy more conversions!

    CBD focused blogs

    If you are a new or expanding CBD brand, you have probably encountered challenges with CBD oil advertising. However, paid ad campaigns aren’t your only option for CBD marketing. With the right strategy, business owners successfully market CBD without the complications of paid acquisition. Say goodbye to advertising CBD on Facebook and Google! Instead, consider a CBD focused blog. 

    Why CBD focused blogs work

    When your prospective customers are asking questions, it only makes sense for you to be there to answer. Giving your audience accurate, relevant, and valuable information on your industry or product will help them make the best choice for them. A willingness to educate and offer up this type of information helps create a connection with your customers and drives them to your website. And we already know that consumers make purchases from brands they trust. 

    How to create a CBD focused blog strategy

    While CBD makes its way into the mainstream, it’s only natural that people are curious. Content marketing is an excellent digital CBD marketing tactic to spread awareness on the benefits of CBD and what your brand has to offer. Target cold prospects and turn them into conversions by writing on topics people are actively searching for. These general interest items may include:

    • What is CBD, and how can it help me?
    • Where can I buy CBD near me?
    • Where can I buy CBD oil online?
    • What are the risks associated with CBD?
    • What are the health benefits of CBD oil?
    • Information on various types of CBD oils

    Content syndication & guest posting 

    Every person that visits your site is an opportunity for a conversion, but a well-designed website and engaging content isn’t always enough. Content is only valuable when you can get it in front of your audience. That can’t always happen at the rate you need with organic search results.

    What is content syndication?

    Part of a great SEO strategy should be content syndication. Content syndication is a CBD advertising strategy that involves the republishing of your content by a third party site. 

    When someone posts your content on another site, you still receive credit as the original author. To the guest site’s readers, this looks like any other guest post on their website. The only difference is that pieces of the content also appear elsewhere and is indicated on the page. CBD advertising with content distributing may look like:

    • Syndicating your content in its entirety on the guest site
    • Editing a shorter version or small excerpts of your article for representation on a guest site.
    • Backlinking to your website or the original article. 

    What is guest-posting?

    Guest posting is another excellent tool for CBD oil advertising. When you advertise CBD oil online with guest posting, you expand your reach by getting new content in front of a new audience. 

    CBD advertising with guest posting involves writing a blog for a relevant site/industry or community blog. When your content is shared on this blog and then linked back to your website, you gain access to a whole new group of people. 

    Consider guest posting for your CBD oil advertising strategy to:

    • Network and build relationships with other businesses. 
    • Encourage SEO through backlinking. 
    • Introduce people to your brand and share your message within an established community. 


    Consumers everywhere have traded in their morning playlists for podcasts and talk shows. It isn’t difficult to see why podcasts are rising in popularity in CBD advertising. Not only are they more simple for people to find and access, it’s also easier for businesses to produce podcasts. 

    Why podcasts work

    The main focus of CBD oil advertising and any effective marketing strategy is to expose potential consumers to your brand. Maximum exposure means creating and releasing as much quality content as possible. Podcasts are unique in the fact that they remove the written article (unless you transcribe them). Because of this, it is even easier to produce the high-quality, relevant content your users want. According to a 2019 U.S. Podcasting Industry study by Statistica:

    • 24% of Americans 12 and older listen to podcasts regularly.
    • By 2022, the number of active podcast listeners is expected to exceed 132 million in the United States alone. 
    • Ninety million Americans have listened to a podcast in the last 30 days.
    • Podcasting revenue reached $400 million in 2018 and is predicted to reach $1.6 billion by 2022. 
    • 38% of people who listen to podcasts say that they purchased a service or product mentioned in those podcasts. 

    How do podcasts work?

    In comparison to other CBD marketing avenues, podcasts are a fast-growing and less saturated market. Because there is less competition, it is the perfect place to launch a CBD campaign. Here you can bring your listeners relevant news surrounding CBD. Your engagement may include updates to CBD legislation, new advancements in the industry, real-time reviews of your products, and more about your brand. 

    Creating a podcast is relatively easy. The equipment needed to create a high-quality broadcast is affordable and readily available. Here’s how to launch a successful CBD podcast:

    1. Commit to a topic. 
    2. Define the purpose and description of your show. 
    3. Set up and test your new equipment. 
    4. Create a content strategy for your episodes. 
    5. Decide who will join you on your podcasts or experts you would like to feature. 
    6. Record your episode. 
    7. Edit and publish your episode. 
    8. Launch the podcast to your audience. 
    9. Promote your podcast through other marketing avenues. 

    Video Advertising & Live Streaming

    Video advertising is taking place all around us. Just look at the relevance of YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live, and Snapchat. CBD marketing with video advertising has become a staple in our everyday lives. 

    The benefits of video advertising

    Consumers love video advertising because it is efficient and convenient. For CBD marketers promoting their brand, it offers a versatile, attractive, and highly shareable medium to reach their audience. Studies show that online video advertising is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined. 

    The benefits of video advertising are far-reaching, check out these statistics: 

    • Seventy-five million people in the U.S. watch online videos daily. 
    • YouTube has over 1 billion users, which is almost one-third of total internet users.
    • Mentioning the word “video” in an email subject raises the click-through rate by 13%.
    • Nearly half of consumers watch video on a mobile device.
    • Videos at least 2 minutes long get the highest engagement.
    • Internet video traffic accounts for 80% of consumer Internet traffic. 
    • 87% of online marketers use video content. 

    How does video advertising work?

    If you’ve ever attempted CBD advertising on Facebook and other social media platforms, then you know that there are roadblocks associated with CBD advertising. Because live streaming and video advertising aren’t a paid acquisition, business owners don’t have to grapple with strict advertising policies. 

    Business owners may run into problems trying to monetize their CBD video content through some avenues (such as YouTube). However, limits on monetization don’t affect the ability to post videos, gain followers, and bring attention to your brand and products. 

    Local Partnerships & Engagement 

    When you need new ways to get your CBD brand in front of customers – put local partnerships on your radar. Partnership marketing is the collaboration between businesses that aims to create a mutually beneficial marketing campaign. 

    One of the most significant advantages of a local presence to your CBD brand is that it is cost-effective and efficient. It costs nothing to get involved and engage with your local community. Look for brands in your area that compliments what you are doing, such as a local health and wellness shop or networking community.

    Here are some ways you can create a partnership with other local brands:

    • Develop a giveaway and referral system. This type of collaboration could mean offering coupons to new customers for your partner’s business and vice versa. 
    • Rely on the power of social media. Promoting each other’s content helps you reach a broader customer base. 
    • Host a local event. There is power in numbers, and joining forces to bring awareness to the community is beneficial to all brands involved. Plus, it creates direct engagement! 
    • Guest blog. Create content and allow guest posts on each other’s sites.
    • Overall, seek commonality and a shared vision. 
    • Get creative! Chances are you are partnering for a specific reason. Play to your strengths and consider how your industries may complement each other. 

    Connected TV Advertising

    When it comes to digital marketing, there is perhaps nothing newer on the market than connected TV advertising. For CBD marketers who want to up their game, connected TV advertising is a booming and relatively untapped market. 

    In 2019, internet-connected TV advertisers are paving the way for CTV advertising. For CBD marketers looking for ways to connect with consumers, CTV offers a new opportunity in the digital realm. 

    What is Connected TV advertising?

    Connected TV refers to any television that connects to the Internet. Think smart TVs and streaming devices that go beyond what is available from a traditional cable provider. CTV incorporates ads that are programmatically available on mobile/computer streaming and over-the-top (OTT) devices. 

    press release from Leichtman Research research group highlights the best reasons to get involved with connected TV CBD advertising. 

    • Smart TV use in the U.S. is up to 32%. 
    • 74% of U.S. households have at least one internet-connected TV devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or smart TV. 
    • 31% of U.S. adults stream on connected TV devices daily. 

    How does connected TV advertising work?

    Connected TV is unique in the fact that it offers CBD marketers a chance on the “big screen” without the price tag. This medium engages most with cord-cutters and millennials on a device that most people use daily. The opportunity to test out creative messaging before TV buys is the tip of the iceberg. CTV is quickly surpassing traditional TV channels of advertising. 

    Because CTV advertising takes place in a private marketplace, CBD advertising has much more flexibility in terms of content. The result is creative formats, including display, video, audio, and OTT television. The programmatic ecosystem offers various auction levels, each with a parameter of price and access. Because private marketplaces sit one step above open exchange, it gives CBD marketers access to specific placements with fewer bidders. Ultimately, this makes win rates higher and earns more success.

    Work with a Professional on CBD Marketing

    Although major social networking platforms present barriers in CBD advertising, CBD marketing has found ways to sidestep the boundaries. Creative content marketing isn’t just a fall-back method. Combined content marketing efforts offer the perfect opportunity for brands to meet their audience where they spend most of their time. 

    To set yourself up for the best chance of success, consider partnering with a CBD advertising agency. A professional CBD advertising agency will help you develop a brand strategy that gets you results. Plus, a professional CBD marketer has experience with the limitations of CBD, a knowledge that is invaluable to your brand. 

    LiftIntent CBD advertising capabilities

    The LiftIntent platform allows CBD brands and businesses to advertise across all programmatic channels.

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