Want to know how you can take your CBD advertising to the next level, and done efficiently? I’m here to tell you how you can advertise CBD online by partnering with LiftIntent and what you can accomplish. 

As you may already know, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and some of the most popular sites we use every day don’t allow CBD advertising. Fortunately for you, LiftIntent understands CBD marketing and how to utilize programmatic advertising to reach your audience across other channels such as connected TV, native, video, mobile, desktop, audio, and email ads.

LiftIntent CBD advertising solution

What can you expect from LiftIntent that makes us different? For one, quality inventory. Second, artificial intelligence that knows when and where to place an ad. Quality inventory makes the difference when advertising in any market – CBD is no different.

Premium inventory

Our partnerships with over 10,000 premium mobile and desktop sites allow us to reach our CBD brands audience at scale. We can get your CBD brand in front of your audience across any connected device on premium sites. 

Combining artificial intelligence and quality inventory gives us an edge over competitors. The power of programmatic advertising delivers the insights needed to market efficiently.

Personalized campaigns

We work with clients to tailor their campaigns around their goals. By understanding the market, gaining valuable insights, and having unmatched cross-platform capabilities, we can achieve your goals the same way we have done for others. Like I mentioned before, one of the current challenges facing CBD marketing is Google and Facebook preventing ads from being displayed.

It’s not as much of a challenge as more of a minor setback until policies change. For the time being, LiftIntent has other ways of marketing. And we’ll be there from the beginning of your campaign until the end offering guidance along the way. We will be with you through every step of the sales funnel, from top‑of‑the‑funnel awareness, through middle‑of‑the‑funnel interest and consideration, to bottom-of-the-funnel intent and purchase.

We keep budget in mind when tailoring campaigns for small to midsize businesses, and up to national corporations. LiftIntent understands the importance of effective marketing just as much as it does about efficient ad spending. Throwing as much money into a campaign without any foresight is not the way to advertise. That’s why we choose to understand your goals and help you create a campaign around them, within the budget, of course.

Along the campaign process, we offer audience research, creative recommendations, results, and optimization. What do you get from all this exclusive dedication? You can be confident your campaigns are created to achieve the most significant impact.

Targeting capabilities

Targeting capabilities exclusive to CBD advertising:

  • Contextual targeting
  • Targeting specific medical conditions
  • Targeting healthy lifestyle ideas
  • Remarketing
  • Targeting proactive balance seekers
  • Targeting retail store visitors at scale.
  • Targeting 50+ demographic 
  • Targeting pet owners
  • IP Targeting (Event targeting)
  • Pain medication buyers
  • CRM retargeting

Our 80+ data providers help us gain insights on dozens of key audience attributes, like hobbies, brand preferences, and political leanings.  

CBD Advertising – Common campaign objectives

We know the CBD business, and we know how to advertise CBD products. 

Some of the typical campaign objectives:

  • Drive sales at health food store retailers with CBD products.
  • Increase overall brand awareness and basket size of CBD product.
  • Educate consumers on the benefits provided by the product, leading to an increase in both e-commerce sales and in-store sales.
  • Advertise new locations for CBD specialty stores.
  • Create brand awareness at trade shows or health expos.

Final thoughts

The CBD industry is growing rapidly, and new brands and products will continue to flood the market. How will you stay above this sudden wave of competition? Our CBD media kit gives additional information on our CBD advertising capabilities.

If you’re interested in our programmatic CBD marketing and CBD advertising services, contact us to get our CBD media kit, CBD case study, and go over your campaign goals.